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|None = NoHelmet

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HelmetsはEquipmentの中で2番目に重要なアイテムです. これらはArmorsより少ないArmしか持っていません。 しかしLegsと同等のArmを持ち、比較的安価で入手できます。

一般的に、低いLvのPlayersSoldier Helmetを、 中間のLvはWarrior HelmetCrown Helmet (軽いのでmageが装備します。)を、そして高Lvは[Rare Set]]の一部であるRoyal HelmetDemon Helmetを装備します。

Tibiaで最も強いHelmetはGolden Helmet、もしくはHelmet of The Stars (HOTS)です。

Rookgaardで手に入る最も強いHelmetはLegion Helmetです。

Helmets 編集

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ファイル:Model Ship.gif Items in Tibia

Body Equipment
Golden Helmet Helmets
Golden Armor Armors Shields Blessed Shield
Golden Legs Legs Spellbooks 20px
Golden Boots Boots
20px Axe Weapons Distance Weapons 20px
20px Club Weapons Sword Weapons 20px
20px Wands Rods 20px
Infernal Bolt Ammunition
Tools and other Equipment
Amulet of Loss Amulets and Necklaces Rings Death Ring
Golden Key Keys Light Sources Skull Candle
Obsidian Knife Tools
Household Items
20px Books Containers Backpack of Holding
Bat Decoration Decorations Documents and Papers Paper
20px Dolls and Bears Furniture 20px
Rolling Pin Kitchen Tools Musical Instruments 20px
Demon Trophy Trophies
Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink
20px Creature Products Food Dragon Ham
20px Liquids Plants and Herbs Mandrake
Other Items
20px Clothing Accessories Enchanted Items Enchanted Chicken Wing
Dice Game Tokens Magical Items Demonic Essence
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Metals Party Items Party Hat
Burning Heart Quest Items Rubbish Broken Flask
Ultimate Healing Rune Runes Valuables 20px